When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a superhero. Or a supervillain. I hadn’t decided. All I knew was I wanted a cool outfit with all the clever accessories and have a comic book, er, graphic novel about me and all the badass crap I was doing.

This is me in my Wonder Woman Underoos around the age of 6. Whilst saving the world, I was always down with anything crafty and spent around 5 minutes on the usual assortment--cross stitch, crochet, rug latch, sewing, clay, painting... I enjoyed constantly learning new stuff and using tools. When I found metalworking, the heavens opened and angels started singing. I had found my love. It was the perfect union of so many things I loved--science, artistry, brute force, and danger.

Some things never change.

As it turns out, melting metal with torches and hammering with a heavy mallet on an anvil to make things makes me feel like a superhero. Or a supervillain. I haven’t decided. 

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